30th Anniversary Evil Dead 2 Comic Book Omnibus and Art Book

Created by Space Goat Productions, Inc.

We want to celebrate 30 years of Evil Dead 2 with you. That's why we are offering you Necronomicon-sized tomes of the The Art of Evil Dead 2 and the Evil Dead 2 Omnibus! These LIMITED EDITION hardcover books ship in a cellophane-wrapped slipcase styled after the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis with a signed book plate by our publisher and are perfect for Evil Dead fans worldwide. The 250-page 8x12 OVERSIZED The Art of Evil Dead 2 book harnesses the creative power of the Evil Dead 2 comic books and board game! Now's your chance to see behind-the-scenes character designs, concept artwork, paintings, 3D sculptures, layouts, and drawings. All used to make the Evil Dead 2 comic book and board game universes come to life. Fully authorized and 100% groovy! Our 300-page 8x12 OVERSIZED OMNIBUS of the Evil Dead 2 comic books collects three years worth of publishing and Deadite killing! Demonic Hordes! Mirror Dimension! Lovecraftian Beasts! The complete “sequel before the other sequel” is collected in one massive 300-page Necronomicon-sized tome. The Evil Dead 2: Omnibus Vol. 1 collects: Beyond Dead by Dawn, Cradle of the Damned, Dark Ones Rising, and Tales of the Ex-Mortis. Also included are limited tiers offering prop replicas of the Kandarian Dagger and the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis as designed by Tom Sullivan, as well as signed copies of the original Evil Dead 2 trade paperbacks.

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